AEG BP330306KM Multi-Function SteamBake Built-in Oven S\/Steel

AEG BP330306KM Multi-Function SteamBake Built-in Oven S\/Steel

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  • Energy Rating: A
  • FSD: n/a
  • Grill Type: Electric

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The AEG BP330306KM, a multifunction pyrolytic oven, combines energy efficient cooking and self-cleaning into one fantastic appliance.


Allow your oven to do the hard work for you at the touch of a button, thanks to AEG’s pyrolytic cleaning technology, called Pyroluxe®.

During the cleaning cycle, the oven cavity is heated to a scorching 500°C, turning food residue into ash. Once the cycle is complete, simply wipe it away to leave your oven looking as good as new.

This method of cleaning is also environmentally friendly, as you don’t need to use an array of cleaning products to remove stains.

Modern Cooking Functions

The BP330306KM is a multifunction oven with a huge range of cooking options.

Cook your main meal and pudding at the same time with the innovative True Fan cooking system. Hot air is cleverly circulated within the cavity without transferring any flavour or taste between dishes.

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